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Supplier reports web portal

Web Portal - Administrative Panel

We developed a web portal in which the company can publish the reports generated in PowerBi, to external providers, allowing limited access to the information through the RLS that were associated with the guest profile.

The administrative panel of the portal contains the following:

  • It has a module for configuring the embedded menus and dashboards that are displayed in each of them.

  • Menu management

  • Administration of dashboards to display on each page.

  • Administration of frequently asked questions that allow the end user to understand specific aspects of the platform.

  • Administration of questions sections.

  • Administration of questions and answers.

  • Vide and image management.


Reportes con Power BI Embedded
  • ApiRest Development in .NetCore 7.0, Entity Framework Core, Json Web Token.

  • Database developed in SqlServer.

  • Website developed in ReactJs, Redux, Bootstrap.

  • Reports developed in PowerBi, with implementation of Role Level Security (RLS)

Web portal - Customer panel

The customer panel contains the following:

  • Login using Microsoft account or other accounts invited to the company.

  • Dashboard section according to the assigned profile.

  • FAQ section.


  • ApiRest Development in .NetCore 7.0, Entity Framework Core, Json Web Token.

  • Database developed in SqlServer.

  • Website developed in ReactJs, Redux, Bootstrap, Login implementing with the Microsoft account or invited to the application managed by Azure.

  • Reports displayed using PowerBi Embedded

KPIs con Power BI Embedded

UX/UI Design

In the Initial stage of the project we created the wireframes on paper, then in digital format, we made some improvements to the initial design and then created a final high-fidelity prototype.

We opted to include iconography in the dashboard section to obtain a user-friendly and illustrative design as a final result.

The color palette selection includes some customer's brand colors and we decided to add some details in tones and shades of the main colors.

We decided to place the main buttons at the top right on all screens to maintain design consistency.

Main challenges

  • Integration of reports in PowerBi with ReactJs technology by managing Microsoft accounts and external accounts, filtering data by user, integration of data filtering with RLS so that all published information is at the same level of access for all users.

  • The application had to be totally flexible since the user had to be able to add more options to his menu and more graphics, organizing them easily without the need for additional support, in the same way in the questions section having the possibility of uploading dynamic content such as tables, images, videos from external platforms such as YouTube or own videos.


  • A component was implemented in React that integrates with Application Level Authentication with Azure, and all the parameters were configured for correct validation and redirection on the site, as well as handling of the active session and closing it.

  • A fully flexible structure has been developed that allows the administrator full control of how each section of their client application is displayed. Likewise, options were created that allow you to upload your content (images, reports, videos, etc.) to the server, and then use them in a Text Editor to generate more explicit content, in your FAQ section.

Final result

Each of the required points was fully met, a fully flexible platform, with data-level security through PowerBi RLS and integration of guest users into the Azure application, with a friendly and attractive design for the end user. 

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