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Mobile application of soccer results and news

Mobile app

The mobile application allows the user to know the results and news of the soccer matches of the most important leagues in the world. It allows users to create a soccer pool and send invites to their friends so they can join. Each pool has all the matches of the selected tournament and users can select the expected results and compete against their friends.



  • Backend .NetCore 5.0 with Entity Framework Core 

  • Sql Server database

  • Typescript, ReactJs, Redux-Toolkit, Ant Design 

Administrative portal

The mobile app administrative portal is a tool that allows administrators to manage and update app information, as well as monitor app usage and performance. Some of the functionalities of the administrative portal are the following:

  • User management

  • Management of sports leagues

  • Soocer pools management

  • Statistics monitoring

  • Content update



  • Backend .NetCore 5.0 with Entity Framework Core 

  • Sql Server database 

  • Typescript, ReactJs, Redux-Toolkit, Ant Design 

Aplicación móvil para resultados de fútbol

Main challenges

  1. Integration with different sports data APIs 

  2. Ensure application compatibility on different mobile devices and platforms


  1. Given the existence of various data sources, we chose to consolidate them into a single database, so that we would have a single source of truthful and reliable information to supply the application. 

  2. We decided to use a hybrid framework like React Native in order to have a single code base for the two main mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

Final result

A mobile application for those who seek to keep up to date with the results and news of soccer matches of all sports leagues, as well as participate in pools with their friends.

Diseño de app móvil de fútbol
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