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We provide the best Technology solutions for your business!

We  transform your ideas into reality through technology.
We are experts in enterprise software development, web and mobile applications.

About Dualtech

Logo de la empresa Dualtech

Dualtech is a technology company formed by a team of highly qualified engineers. We are dedicated to provide It consulting and enterprise software development services, web applications, mobile applications, and software integrations.

We have a high sense of commitment and responsibility to our customers, with the main objective of delivering quality products.

Our values

Representa la responsabilidad del equipo


We are committed to provide the best service to our clients, deliver specific and unique solutions through technology. 

Representa el trabajo en equipo

Team Work

We are focused to work in an organized way in order to achieve our goals as a team.


Representa la innovación y nuevas ideas


We are oriented to increase the value proposition for our clients through quality services.

Sobre Dualtech

Our services

We are specialists in custom software development, our main priority is to create specific and unique solutions that will lead your business to success by improving efficiency and productivity in the processes. 

IT consulting

Desarrollo de software empresarial

Enterprise Software Development

Desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles

Mobile Applications Development

Desarrollo de aplicaciones web

Web Applications Development

Servicios de integración de software

Software Integrations

Creación y diseño de páginas web para negocios

Creation and design webpage

Servicios de outsourcing


Diseño UX y diseño UI

UX/UI Design

Do you need more information to start a new porject?
We can help you! You can contact us to review in more detail.


Solutions we deliver to our B2B clients

These are some examples of solutions we provide to our clients.
We can review the specific case of your company and create the digital solution that will lead your company's operations to success through improved efficiency and productivity.

Management of human talent and payroll

Management  of travel expenses

Recruitment of human talent

Management of work records, vacations, payment voucher and others.

Soluciones para logística

Product order management

Inventory control

Access control

Inventory ERP

Aplicación E-Commerce

POS Software 

E - commerce platform

Price checker software 

Credit core

ERP empresarial

ERP Comercial

Management of internal policy files

Staff training portal

Audit management, risk matrix and staff schedule management.






Technologies and platforms used by our teams

Experiencia en desarrollo con NodeJS
Experiencia en desarrollo con REACJS
Experiencia con desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles con React Native
Experiencia con desarrollo en Angular
Desarrollo aplicaciones móviles con Flutter
Desarrollo con Nest
Desarrollo con NEXT.js

Software development process

Kick-off meeting about the project

Project planning

Test phase

Go live

Project analysis and design

Web or mobile application development

Certification with the end user

We would love to provide advice and solutions to your company. Contact us!

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Corporativo Lafayette

Colonia Zerón, 7 calle 20 y 21 ave, N.O.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

+504 3198-2990

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